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Today, the network offers too many online stores with sports supplements of completely different profiles - from classic anabolic steroids to advanced cycles for professionals, growth hormone, peptide drugs, fat burners and much more ... It's quite difficult to find a truly reliable store that could be your personal supplier of original sports drugs on an ongoing basis. But solvable if you make a choice in favor of California Muscles!

We see it as our goal to provide the best and 100% original anabolic steroids for athletes of any level of training - from competitive professionals to beginners who decide to try training with “doping” for the first time!


We guarantee only original steroids

We have established cooperation with certified and licensed distributors and receive goods directly from the manufacturer. For this reason, we can give a 100% guarantee that the drug you are buying is “original” and not a beautifully made fake from China! Also, the system of protection through the verification codes on the official websites of manufacturers will allow dispelling any remaining doubts!

Minimum markup to the retail price

Our supply chain does not imply a large circle of intermediaries, so that the California Muscles team can afford to make a minimum markup for each commodity position, without setting “astronomical” prices.

Maximum customer privacy and anonymity

By placing an order in our store, you can not worry about the privacy of your personal data. All data is stored on hosting servers located outside the USA and has a short lifetime period: we always delete all our clients’ personal data in 24 hours after purchase.

Convenient Delivery Options

We can provide prompt USPS delivery throughout the USA.

No minimum order amounts

Choose any item from the catalog, place an order and expect it as soon as possible! No restrictions!

So... why to choose our store?

So… why to choose our store?
– we sell only original steroids,
– do not overstate the cost,
– we provide anonymity and confidentiality of customers,
– we offer convenient delivery options,
– we do not limit our customers in choosing anabolic steroids and other supplements.

And that is not all…

We care about you!

We are really concerned about your health and the proper use of steroids. For each position, you will find a detailed description and instructions for use. We don’t need in a one-time sale, but we want to get you as a regular customer! Having bought from us once, you will definitely come back again!

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